Thursday, December 5, 2013


I was doing some research on a dream I had a few nights ago and felt the Lord giving me an answer:
For some of us the journey has been long and difficult. Disappointments and depression over our families, finances, relationships and ministries. I believe that the Lord is saying that we are in the transition of labor… prepare yourself   Know that your promise is about to be birthed.

We are nearing the celebration of our Lord’s birth. Is this a coincidence that God may be nudging us to prepare our surroundings for our promise as a mother begins preparing by cleaning up the home for the arrival of the newborn?
If we are in the transition time of labor let us prepare ourselves for the promises.

This may mean taking a closer look at our character and how we use our words.

Do your words and character bring forth life or death?
What kind of environment will you be bringing your promise into?

How will you prepare for the Wonders of His Love?

Joy to the world! The Lord has come! Let earth receive her King! Let every heart prepare Him room! Heaven and Nature sing! based on Psalm 98 by Isaac Watts

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