Monday, December 28, 2015

Your Words

Happy Monday,
          I was reading this morning and these words caught my attention: that all I have to do is cry out to Him and He will answer. 

          So comforting to know that Abba Father is so close whether we are in need or when we are grateful. I love the phrase – Let’s go down to the river and pray and rise up in amazing grace. It is part of a song that keeps going on in my mind and spirit.

           Your words bring life.  Your words say that when I call to you, I will have an answer. Help me see the wisdom of your timing. I praise you in the midst of my situation for there you will dwell on the praises of my heart. Above all others let me hear your voice as it speaks to my heart. Let me speak your words to a hurting generation. The grass will wither and the Flowers will fall but the word of our God will last forever.

            As I sing praises of all who you are to me, your presence surrounds me as I draw near. I am captivated with your love. Your presence brings life to my soul. Your presence brings love to my heart. Your presence brings joy and hope to my spirit.

             I can hear the sounds of life, the sounds of love, the sounds of joy, coming from your heart as I draw closer. You are all I need; I find my strength, my hope in all you are. I align my spirit soul and body with all of who you are Father Son and Holy Spirit. You made a way for me to come boldly before the throne.

             Help me accept deep in my spirit that I am a covenant child of the Most High God, a royal daughter of the King. I surrender my heart to you; I surrender to your word, for your words bring life. The grass will wither and the Flowers will fall but the word of our God will last forever.

Psalm 28:6-9, Psalm 57:1-3, Psalm 98, Psalm 118:1-5, Psalm 148, Isaiah 40:8, Ephesians 5:26

As the old year ends and the new one begins praise your way above your circumstances and renew your mind by the water of the word. 

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Good Morning, Christmas is almost here ready or not!
I was thinking about a Christmas time past when I was busier than today and I want to share with you a vignette I had written for a Christmas program several years ago.

One of the most exciting times I have had in my life is being a part of the creative writing class I was attending at Oak Hills. The Worship Ministry asked the class to help write vignettes for the Christmas program. I volunteered before I knew what I was doing, there were three of us and then we were told we had to perform what we had written, Oh Noooo!
This is what I wrote that Christmas.
Come with me and listen to what the Lord may have said as he watches over
Mary and Joseph as they journey to Bethlehem;

Be still and listen to me…
As I whisper your name so your heart can hear…
On rocky paths and desert places
I will be with you…
Your names are written on my hand, ever before me.

I made the sunset colors fade…
As the moon takes its place…
I filled the desert night
With fragrance for your delight…

Come… now is the time,
Events have been set in motion
I have chosen a destiny that you cannot imagine
Treasure these moments in your heart…

When joy turns into sorrow, know this:
The enemy is defeated…
My song will rise and live forever
I will transform you with hope and grace…

My beloved,
How precious you are to me
Stay ever close…
Bethlehem is near, do you see…
Be still and listen to me…

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