Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I am riding on the clouds across the heavens and all that you thought was impossible, will be possible. Only believe and speak out the promises, out loud that are in My word. O lover of my soul let the springs of water wash over you, Come... I am calling my love to capture your heart.

As you walk with Me you will feel a wind, smell the sweet fragrance of my love and hear a sound of a mighty wind that will destroy all that has come against you to hinder you from MY purposes. I’ll fill your mouth with laughter to the song of all songs. Now Let us Dance for joy, O lover of my soul Are You Ready! I’ve come to capture your heart.

Remember I AM Mighty there is nothing too hard for Me. What I want to do will be done through you. Lay down all doubt, and unbelief in My love for you. If you believe, put all your trust in ME, you will soar in the days ahead for I have come to capture your heart and tell you great and mighty things.

Trust that I am hearing your prayers, I will do all I’ve promised. Remember who you are, you have been bought with a costly price. You have been redeemed by the blood of the lamb out of the hand of the enemy, and seated in heavenly places.  You will see My rewards for your faithfulness.  I am sending a wind that will blow away all the garbage, and My Beloved will blossom like the desert rose and bring a sweet, sweet aroma to all those who you encounter. Linger in My presence as I call you close.  Feel the breeze and smell the wonderful perfumes I am pouring out on you. Never to be the same, for all eternity, I’ve touched your heart, the time is now come Dance with Me.

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Delight in Me and remember what I am like and what I have done for you. I have given all to you promised by the Cross at Calvary.

Delight in Me and I will soften your heart. Trust in me again, trust in my word again. Look past the circumstances to know that my promises are true.

Delight in Me and see me work to bring forth what is already yours, look again to that promise you stopped trusting and believing for.

Delight is the key to that promise coming to pass. It is the weapon to fight for the promise that is yours.

 Delighting in Me is its very own reward and how marvelous that I will bring forth every other reward you have as an inheritance.

Delight in Me and come dance with me, your well-being and success is in my hands, I delight in you.

Delight in Me my Beloved, come and be safe in the shadow of my wings, safe to sing my song, safe to love. Come and taste and see that I long to bring good to you.

Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.   Psalm 37:3-5

Sylvia Villalpando