Thursday, April 30, 2015

Arrows of Deliverance

Tell me once again who I am in you, help me to see your plan
The desires you placed in my heart, only you can bring them to pass
Slow me down so I can hear your voice
Tell me once again who I am in you

 You are the arrow in My hand
My spirit will point you where you are to go
Only speak the words I give and only the time I say.
The arrow will hit its mark every time.
You are my arrow of truth to bring justice
You are my arrow of love to bring mercy
You are my arrow of peace to bring comfort
You are my arrow of joy to bring delight
You are my arrow of trust to bring faith
You are my beloved arrow
Trust me to send you farther
Than you could ever hope for or imagine.

In God’s hands we are his arrows (artillery) of deliverance

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Shelter in the Storm

Good morning;
        It rained Friday night the thunderstorm rolled and lighting lit up the sky and God’s rain fell and at times it was loud. But…His mercies are new every morning.
        At dawn, under the cozy covers with a song in my heart I realized just how blessed I am to have a safe place to weather the storms.  Went on the patio with my coffee to see the new day of fresh air, sun shining and birds singing and I wrote this:
        You are trained to do battle as a team. Embrace the challenge for the lost souls and the nations. Unless I lead you do not put yourself at risk to do battle alone. When two or more walk together success is assured. You are on the frontlines because you are trained and destined for victory.  When I call you for My purpose, I also fully equips you for the journey. Continue to seek My face and find your shelter in My embrace.
       Thank you for the shelter in the storms and thank you Lord for your mercies for the opportunity to partner with you today.

Isaiah 4:6, Isaiah 25:4, Psalm 91:1, Lamentations 3:22-23

Now go and have a great week knowing the victory is yours!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Before Time

Before time you planned my destiny
Each day each hour you think of me
Your love is sweeter than wine as
Your fragrance rises up as a flower
To give you praise seeking your heart
My love my own, you stir in me the fire
With your grace in my life is an open door
Your banner over me is love and my love is yours
As long as I live I will be in your embrace
In the shadow of your wings I find my place

Jeremiah 29:11-13, psalm 139:18, Song of Solomon 1:2, 
Psalm 17:8, Song of Solomon 2:4

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