Monday, September 22, 2014

Source of Joy

When I created you I fashioned you Myself to be one of a kind.  My very own work of art, there is no one else like you. Compare yourself with no one, as an original your value is great beyond measure. My work is ongoing, a work that is precisely done by my hand and I will complete what I start. Embrace the changes and where I am taking you. Count on me to place you in the right place at the right time. I do all things magnificently.

When your heart is heavy with sorrow and you don’t know what to do, remember Your Beloved offers you His joy at the door of your heart. Ask of me and I will come in to lift you up.  I am the source of your joy, and I Am willing to apply my joy to your broken heart. Do not hesitate to respond to my call of joy. My joy brings healing to a hurting heart. I am in the process of bringing forth, even this very hour the wonder of My joy in ways you have never realized. Be watching and waiting for it will come.

Remember this Beloved you have great value and I want to fill your heart with My joy. Now walk in the knowledge that I Am with you always.

James 1:2, Psalm 8:1, Psalm 139:13, Psalm 40:5, Acts 13:52, Isaiah 61:1-3

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Seasons of struggle will lead you to your purpose

You have been given a unique gift, before you were formed in the womb, your Creator; Almighty GOD knew you and is working in you until Christ's nature is formed in you. He separated you for Himself and appointed you to be a prophet to the nations. You have been placed in this season for this generation; for if you fail to speak up now, relief and deliverance will come from another; who knows whether you didn’t come into your position precisely for such a time as this.

You are not a mistake; you are in the right place, chosen by the Righteous King. Praise Yehovah for what he has done for you. Praise Yehovah for giving you through Christ every possible spiritual benefit as citizens of Heaven! For consider what He has done—before the foundation of the world He chose you and fashioned you Himself to become, in Christ, His holy and blameless child living within His constant care. He planned, in His purpose of love, that you should be adopted as His own through Jesus Christ and that you may learn to praise His glorious generosity which has made you welcome in the everlasting love He bears towards the Son.

Don’t run from tests and hardships, as difficult as they are, you will ultimately find joy in them; if you embrace them your faith will blossom under pressure and teach you true patience as you endure. And true patience brought on by endurance will equip you to complete the long journey and cross the finish line—mature, complete, and lacking nothing. In this process/season you will discern when it is a time of preparation, a time of testing and when it is time for it to be revealed.

I encourage you to maintain a fearless witness until the last day.  You have the victory in whatever arena you have been placed. Set your heart not on riches, but on goodness, Christ-likeness, faith, love, patience and humility. Fight the worthwhile battle of the faith, keep your grip on that life eternal to which you have been called, and to which you boldly professed your loyalty before many witnesses.  And I am persuaded of this same thing, that He has begun this good work in you and will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.

Now may the GOD of Hope fill you with ALL joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Jeremiah 1:5, Galatians 4:19, Esther 4:14, Ephesians 1:3-6, 1 Timothy 6:11-12, Philippians 1:6,  James 1:2-4, Romans 15:13

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Good Morning,

I had a dream the other night and I want to share it with you: I had a diamond and someone tried to take it from me and I fought them for it and it fell to the ground. I picked it up and held it in my hand,  I noticed a dark spot in a corner and asked “What does this mean Jesus?”   I was not even going to mention it but spoke to Lee Ann and she suggested: “that I have a special treasure within and that I am like that diamond valuable and that I have been through rough times and that I have fought valiantly and still have my diamond (His heart) and that He is and will make me new from glory to glory.” Thank you Lee Ann.

I came across some notes I made on diamonds:
Coal and diamonds are made of carbon. The difference:  One is valuable and the other is not. One is brilliant and the other opaque. The diamond is the carbon that is under great pressure and fire at high temperatures for a period of time. In this process it will become a rock of great value. The coal does not pass through this process the pressures are much less making it just a coal, useful, but not made for higher things.

Whoever is not born of God is like a carbon, light pressures, is opaque, breaks easily and its finish has burnt qualities.  Those born of God are like diamonds that have learned to love patience in pressures, adversities and obstacles.  You are valuable to God and reflect His love everywhere you go.  The chosen sometimes go under great pressures so intense, it seems that there is no support and sometimes we question at the time and we cannot understand the silence. We are cast down but unconquered. I have this certainty of this one thing that all things work together for good for those who are called to His purpose. We should embrace the faith given for God is preparing us for grand exploits.

Who can imagine that coal would turn into a brilliant gemstone after the pressures it has to undergo to become the purpose it was created to be.

Inside of us is a treasure that shines brighter than any diamond, when we go through this process in life, the treasure within, Holy Spirit, shines brighter and brighter than the noonday sun.
This priceless treasure we hold, in a common earthenware jar (our mortal bodies)—to show that the splendid power of it belongs to God and not to us. We are handicapped on all sides, but we are never frustrated; we are puzzled, but never in despair. We are persecuted, but we never have to stand it alone: we may be knocked down but we are never knocked out! Every day we experience something of the death of the Lord Jesus, so that we may also know the power of the life of Jesus in these bodies of ours. Yes, we who are living are always being exposed to death for Jesus’ sake, so that the life of Jesus may be plainly seen in our mortal lives. We are always facing death, but this means that you know more and more of life. Our faith is like that mentioned in the scripture: ‘I believed and therefore I spoke’
2 Corinthians 4:7-9 JBP, Romans 8:28NKJV, Proverbs 24:16 NKJV, Daniel 11:32NKJV

Have a great week knowing that you have great value and created for great exploits.

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Child of the One True King

Good Morning, This is what I wrote some time ago and was inspired by something Max said in a Wednesday night service. "You will not know WHO you are until you know WHOSE you are!!!"  Below is a portion of what I wrote. After our wonderful time this weekend with Matthew West I thought it was appropriate and added a new line. PS: It also is for the Father's Sons.

 I am my Father’s Daughter
I can move mountains
I am sister to the Anointed One
I can heal the sick
 I am a daughter of the King
I can seize opportunities
I belong to Jesus
I can walk in Victory
 I was bought with a costly price
I can comfort those that mourn
 I drink from the Fountain
I can rest in green pastures
I am a child of God
I can raise the dead
I belong to Jesus
I can step on serpents
I am my Father’s Daughter
I can walk on water
 The Holy Spirit guides me
I can walk in Forgiveness
I drink from the Fountain
I can sing in prison
 I am a daughter of the King
I can seek Justice
 Holy Spirit resides in me
I can walk in Love
 I am a child of the Promise
I have all I need
I am redeemed by the Blood of the lamb
Forever His Child I Am
 I am the daughter of the One True King,
I am not moved by the world for my GOD goes before me.
I do not fear because I am His.

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