Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Come With Me

 Come into My garden, beloved, and spend time with Me. I want My words of truth deep within your heart. I want you to know Me in a vibrant way. Will you come? Will you participate in this meeting in My garden?

Come with Me beloved. Breathe in the fragrance of My garden.

Come into My garden, Smell the essence of the living God and be satisfied. I want you to know that much is taking place on your behalf in this hour, much that will bring delight to your heart.

Come with Me into My garden of love and delight.

Come into My garden and come as you are. Rest in this place, this garden of your God and know that you are my beloved. Will you trust me to make changes and to correct those things that cause you pain? I am at work creating something of great beauty that will make you smile.

Come with Me beloved. Meet with Me in the secret place.

Come into My garden, quiet yourself and enjoy My presence, rest and breathe in the beauty around you. Know that I am with you, standing beside you, soothing away all hurts. Linger in My Presence. Can you hear it? Can you hear the song that I am singing over you?

Come with Me beloved. The Fragrance fills the Garden. The time for singing has come! As we share in the intimate dance of life.

Before you begin your day spend some time in your garden to meet with your Beloved

Psalm 36:7-10, Song of Solomon 2:3, 8-13, Jeremiah 29:11


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