Monday, May 26, 2014

Be Still

Good morning,
I awoke in the middle of the night (early Saturday morning) and my thoughts kept going to the phrase “In the still of the night” (I know it sounds like a song). There was no sound, just darkness, not an evil darkness just night and silence. Then this came to me “Be still and hear GOD, It not in the earthquake, not in the fire, not in the lightening, but in the still small voice.”

I heard this: “There are many voices you are listening to and giving them importance; some are good and some not so good. Consider abandoning these voices and listen to only mine. This is important for your instruction, for your comfort, for your leading.  Begin with worship and surrender to me all of you. When you abide in me in the secret place of your heart all other voices will be silenced. Press in and you will see the atmosphere change and you will hunger and thirst for the Truth of the Word of God.

You will hear me clearly for my sheep know my voice.  Ask, listen, and then act on what you hear Me say. Come to me with everything you need. Remember who you are and that is ‘My child’ you matter to me. You are valuable because I chose you. As you abide in me the promises from me are being fulfilled even beginning now. When the goodness of Christ is proclaimed the enemy is defeated.”

Holy Spirit help me clearly hear the voice of my LORD.

1 Kings 19:12, Isaiah 43:1, Psalm 41:11, Psalm 51:6,  Luke 12:32, John 10:27,                                     1 Corinthians 14:10

Have a great week tuned in to your Abba Father’s voice.