Thursday, June 17, 2010

You Are What You Read

When Christians truly spend time in the word…then I would say that this is one of the reasons we as a group of people shine with God’s Truth.

You were made to House the Fullness of God…Let your Light Shine!!

You are what you read….I have heard that over the years…

As I pondered that statement, I remembered advice given in a writing class: “To be a good writer, you must read everything you can and especially the kind of books that you want to write. As you read, the style, the voice of the author becomes layered with yours. It saturates your very being as you write, sleep, and act.” If you follow that train of thought, when you read good material on a regular basis -- like the Bible – you become saturated with God’s Word. You will write, speak, and act out His voice.

Is this too simple? Maybe? But it is a very good start towards finding the truth.

What have you been reading lately?