Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Who Can Satisfy?

Who can Satisfy? Who could ever be more faithful and true?

The water of Jesus Satisfies;
I will NOT dig at Artificial Reservoirs.

The Bread of Jesus Makes full my Hunger;
I will NOT Settle for Crumbs.

The Banqueting Table of Jesus is Extravagant;
I will NOT eat at the World’s Table.

The Presence of Jesus is Fullness of Joy;
I will NOT search for a Manmade Cure

The Peace of Jesus Passes Understanding;
I will NOT search elsewhere to Find Peace.

The Will of Jesus is Perfect;
I will NOT find a more Perfect Design.

The Wisdom of Jesus is Flawless;
I will NOT give consideration to the World’s Point of View.

The Grace of Jesus is Sufficient;
I will NOT settle for Temporal Benefits.

The Redemption of Jesus is Complete;
I will NOT pursue another Protector.

The Covenant of Jesus is Certain;
I will NOT believe another Lovers Promises.

The Provision of Jesus Meets my Needs;
I will NOT be in Pursuit for More.

The Kingdom of Jesus is Unshakable;
I will NOT find a more Trustworthy Place to Stand.

The Smile of Jesus is Enough;
I will NOT seek the Approval of Others.

The Life of Jesus is Glorious;
I will NOT look for another Fountain to Drink from.

The Return of Jesus is Sure;
I will NOT live anxiously. I will Trust in Jesus.

The Blood of Jesus Redeems my Soul;
there is no other Name under or above Heaven.

Jesus is my Rock, my Shelter, my very own,
Blessed Redeemer who Reigns upon the Throne.