Monday, May 3, 2010

What brings you joy?

Some days joy comes in the unexpected:
I agreed to take care of my sister’s new kitten while they went on vacation. Actually Alex will be watching him. It has been fun to watch “Mr. Kitty” (not so unusal name) run all over the place as if he was on some kind of mission. He hides and jumps in the air. I can almost see it in slow motion the jumping; leaping, twists and acrobatic turns, from the chair to the computer then behind Alex all in a few swoops, then finally resting in Alex’s lap dreaming away.

I wondered… the Lord might be smiling as he watches over me as I go from place to place. Trying to keep things in order and making decisions on my own, then finally resting in Him.

My prayer would be that you too will learn to walk daily in the Lords presence.To start your day with Jesus, to consider each moment you have to see God in everything you see and do. Holy Spirit refresh and renew us daily; remind us that in the Resurrected One, there is energy, power, and vitality to live in the moment. Thank you Lord for every lesson that comes my way.