Monday, October 19, 2015

They Will Know

Happy Monday!
I came across this story “Is he just a bum or a struggling businessman”? By Dan Miller This principle is not only valid in the marketplace but in all areas of our daily life. The story is below followed by my thoughts.
            A rushed businessman plunked a dollar into the cup of a man selling pencils on the sidewalk.  Half a block down the street, he turned around and made his way back to the beggar.  “I’m sorry,” he said as he picked out his favorite color in a pencil.  “In my haste I failed to make my purchase.  After all, you are a businessman just like me.  Your merchandise is fairly priced and of good quality.  I trust you won’t be upset with my failure to pick out my purchase.”  With that he smiled and quickly went on his way.
            At lunch a few months later, a neatly dressed, handsome man approached the businessman’s table and introduced himself.  “I’m sure you don’t remember me, and I don’t even know your name, but your face I will never forget.  You are the man who inspired me to make something of myself.  I was a street bum selling pencils until you gave me back my self-respect.  Now I believe I am a businessman.”
            In our rush, it’s easy to demean those who are coming up the ladder of success.  How have you treated the waitress, the gardener, the delivery man, the plumber, and the beggar selling newspapers this week?  Did you, with your words and actions, nurture a higher level of success for that person or confirm that they are destined to stay at the bottom?
            A kind word spoken or kind action taken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.  When we bring encouraging words of peace, friendship, hope we bring the future into the present, we bring on earth what is in heaven. The Father’s desire for us is to help people see their potential as a son/daughter of the King. When we begin and end in love we let the world know who our God is and that He is the reason we are able to love.
            Whatever gifts you have been given, whatever skill set you’ve developed over the years let all you do be done in love to the glory of the Father. Remember your speech holds the power of life and death, choose life. Kind words are like a kiss of life that soothes wounded souls. Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones. 
Proverbs 25:11, 1 Corinthians 16:14, John 13:35, Proverbs 16:24
“The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but to reveal to him his own.”  Benjamin Disraeli
As you begin your week remember to reveal God’s riches to those you meet. 

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