Monday, June 15, 2015

Draw Near

         As you praise, draw near to Me, for you are wonderful to Me. As you stand humbly and thankful before the throne you will hear the sound of life, you will feel the sound of hope, you will see the sound of joy!

          As you praise, draw near to Me, building a habitation of love your heart is drawn to My life for it gives you strength, filling your soul with hope for all to see. Filling your spirit with joy to dance to my divine music; as you draw near, you will find strength in Me, finding hope in my presence.

          You will find that I Am more than enough for all you need! Draw close, so close you can hear my breath of life. Let Me breathe into your soul the hope and joy you need for you are beautiful to Me.

          Do not keep silent when you feel Me close to you. Take this breath of life I give so others may see Me through you. You are wonderful and beautiful to Me when you draw near and our hearts are aligned, let us dance the intimate dance of life.

         Do not keep silent, for all you see me do in your life. For the years I have cared for you and have kept you close through all your trials and triumphs. Draw near to Me in the secret place and I will fill you with unspeakable joy, with enduring hope, with everlasting love, and I will give you rest. Then you will be prepared to meet the great adventure with me at your side.

Isaiah 51:11, Romans 15:13, Psalm 91:1, John 14:27, Psalm 84:2

Before you begin your week draw near to GOD!

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