Monday, March 16, 2015


I am the Melody you sing,
I Am the Dance in your steps,
I Am The Laughter in your eyes,
I Am the Cry in your heart.
There is nothing I would not do for you.
            Some see your past, but I understand your destination,
The Pen of the Lord is not finished with your life.
 Embrace this moment, for tomorrow is not promised.
I have put something deep down inside of you,
that is incredible and waiting to  Burst forth,
for My promises in you are True and Amen.
            In the alabaster jar: of spilt sorrows,
regrettable failures, opportunities missed,
And dreams not yet realized;
 Comes the anointing for new beginnings of delight and joy.
For every dream you have sacrificed will come to light in Me.
Look thru My eyes.  Turn to me and learn of Me. 
I AM your Counselor, Everlasting, Provider, Everything.
Draw close to me and never let go. Dance with Me,
For you are precious to me my Morning Dove.

Sylvia Villalpando

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