Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Hero

Once abandoned, thrown into the street, not knowing if life would end, but God had other plans.  Enters our Hero, on his way, sees a small ball of fur move ever slightly, filled with compassion gently lifts the small creature and brings him to safety.  Gave this small ball of fur, clinging to life, a home, a place to survive and thrive. Together they grew in affection and companionship, no longer lonely, a purpose discovered, life opened up. Loco was his name, because the small creature ran around like crazy, taking everything in. 

Loco was special, though never got used to loud, strange noises, or warmed up to new people easily. To see his eyes filled with life and love and know he was content. One morning, the Hero awoke to a sound and found him not breathing right, held him in his arms, then in a moment gone…no time to do anything…The Hero only had him for eight years, not long enough, but the Hero gave him eight more years than he would have had, eight years to live spoiled with love.  Loco always stayed with the Hero at night until till he went to sleep and then Loco would go to his own bed. Loco also took care of the Hero’s mother, when she was very sick that one time, he never left her side, until one morning she woke up and Loco was not there, and she realized she felt better. Loco seemed to know all was well and went on his way.

There are many other things that can be remembered fondly, but right now the pain is so strong and unimaginable. The grief rises in the middle of my own heart. The thought of how quickly something so lovely can die? Lord Fill the Hero with your presence, your peace, to know that you are hearing his cry. The loss of what might have been, the crush of overwhelming need, the aloneness in the silence of grief, how will the Hero manage? He will...  one day…

To be able to see the Divine Light that runs through it all and makes it worth our efforts. We are at the mercy of the Lord; I pray that the Hero finds comfort that he was chosen for this assignment, to care for Loco and show favor to this small creature.  This was accomplished with all the love and compassion the Hero had in his heart. One never believes that sorrow will come and when it does how much it affects your life. Do not be downhearted and do not panic your God is with you and holds you secure.