Friday, August 19, 2011

Walk Daily

Walk daily with God-In the days ahead many will be stirred by proclamations, both true and false, of ominous events set for fulfillment on specific dates. 

However, we are not being prepared for a “date” but for marriage. 
It is the depth of our day-by-day relationship with Christ that defines our walk with God at the end of the age.
The confidence we have as we face tomorrow is rooted in the quality of our walk with God today.

If we study the Scriptures, we will see that, from the beginning, the Lord always provided for those who walked with Him in His presence. No matter what occurred in the world, God’s servants were not held hostage to the fears and anxieties of their times. Their walk with God prepared them for all things.

What does it mean to walk with God? It means that we stay yielded to His Word and attentive to His presence. Though we do not see Him, we know Him. We have found our place of security in the Almighty. Our peace comes from Him, not people, places or things.

Celebrate God’s goodness in your past and believe for His goodness in the present and dare to believe His goodness for your future.

Our identity in Christ guides every decision we make and every action we take.

Allow the Holy Spirit take you on an adventure and intimacy that you never dreamed possible.

Excerpt from Francis Frangipane prophetic word on