Saturday, August 13, 2011


Today I want to glorify your name.  I belong to you. Lord before I begin I want you to know that from this moment on throughout this day, I’m yours, Lord. Without you I can accomplish nothing. Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on me! 
Help me be a woman of passion and to have the courage to act on those passions. Enable me in my walk to have the discernment to walk in obedience. Guard my tongue from saying the wrong thing or saying too much or speaking too quickly, and to know when to take a stand. Turn the soil of my heart so I can begin to live the life you have called me to live.
Lord, fill me with your spirit. Take my eyes, take my tongue, take my emotions, take my will, and use me, Be honored in my submissive spirit. You began the work in my heart and you will complete it.
 Be seen and heard in my heart. Be observed in my thankfulness. Be glorified in the fellowship and worship that I have with others in your family and those who do not yet know you.