Tuesday, July 12, 2011

God’s Hands

The hands of God that hold the heavens together hold me today.
I will lift my voice and sing because God’s strong hands hold me up.

The strong hands of God embrace me and I feel the grace that flows to me.

All is well because the protective hands of God cover me.

You remind me that you love me when your reassuring hands quiet me.

My defense is in the powerful hands of God and I will praise Him.

I am safe in God’s strong hands to conform me in the likeness of Jesus.

God’s strong hands are compassionate and I will sing of his great faithfulness.

In God’s hands I find my healing because He is life and gives me all I need.

I will find comfort and peace in God’s great hands for He has made a way for me.

In God’s hands I find blessings because my God is generous to me.

The hands of God that holds the heavens will never let me down.