Saturday, August 28, 2010


Though I may slip and fall, you call my name,
you reach out to me and lead me in the dance
You sing to me all around even though I hear no sound.
My soul longs to join the chorus.
I am amazed you love me.
How can it be that you would die for me?
The light of your glance awakens the joy in my soul.
Your words inspire the song in my heart and no one else satisfies,
The second the eyes of my heart saw the light,
All day long, you have been my delight.
Your love warms me when I am cold …
The breath of your spirit makes me bold.
You Reign in the grandest of times and in my darkest hour.
And in the garden of my tears you bring me flowers.
 In your presence, I hear the sweet music in my heart,
And the song will never die even by chance.
On the stars in heaven, we will dance.