Monday, February 23, 2015

Light in a Dark Place

You are the light in a dark place
Let your light shine on me
Because of you I can
Be the light that
Shines in a dark place
In the night when I’m alone
I see your light I feel your presence
When you speak, the enemy has no
Choice but to flee
In the night when I’m alone
Give me your voice to speak
To chase the enemy away
There is no one like you
The Alpha and Omega
Risen Savior Ruler of every thing
You are the Light, Yours is the Kingdom
Power and Glory forever is Yours
The kingdom belongs to our GOD!
In the night when I’m alone
I can be the light and feel your presence
When my voice aligns with yours
The enemy has no choice but to flee
Let the whole world see Our Light shine

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