Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Invitation

This wonderful story was told to me by my dear friend Laura. This true tale is as old as time and unique to each of us, come and visit with me and watch as the story unfolds.

          Recently married in 1986 Laura and her husband lived in Dublin Ireland. One of Laura’s new Spanish friends was invited to a banquet with the King of Spain, Juan Carlos De Bourbon. Together they went to the embassy for the needed security clearance. With passport in hand, Laura knew that she would be invited too, “after all Mexico and Spain are so close that certainly they could not have a banquet without me?” Laura would soon learn how wrong her assumption was.

         Laura and her friend arrived at the office where fingerprints were being taken. Laura explained that she was Mexican and wanted to see the King. The lady at the desk was not impressed and told Laura to get out of the office.  Not only was she told to leave the office, she was told to wait outside on the steps leading to the gardens.  Laura was heartbroken, turning to leave she thought to herself “How could this be, don’t you see, it is me?” lonely and rejected out the door she went.

         Laura took the dismissal and felt the full wave of feelings of past rejection. Through her tears she saw at a distance a man walking towards her and stopped right in front on the steps where she sat.  He smiled at her and she smiled back. He said good morning and she politely answered back. He started a conversation and she noticed his kind smile and as he spoke, she felt better.  He asked, “Are you here to give your information for the security clearance?” Before she knew it she poured out all that had happened and her desire to see the King. “Now the only way I will get a chance to see the King is if I had the power to become very small to fit inside your shirt pocket,” Laura had said. He smiled and extended his arm to her, “get up, come my child follow me!”

        He opened the door to let her in and they proceeded down the hall. In unison she heard every single person working saying,”Good morning Mr. Ambassador." What a surprise, Laura’s new friend is the Ambassador of Spain to Ireland!

         The Ambassador led Laura into the office where she was kicked out and told the clerk: “Laura is my very special friend; she is coming to the banquet representing her nation. I need the Embassy's carrier to deliver to her address along with the invitation and protocol. I need her security clearance and her name tagged as special guest so that I am notified of her arrival to the banquet. I personally will introduce her to the King.” Silence and grace fell in that office!

          When Laura arrived home, she found the enveloped sealed with her name as promised. Laura was so excited she was going to the banquet and had the invitation to prove it! At once Laura began to practice her bows to anyone who couldn’t get away. She rehearsed the list of tips of what to do and the don'ts while in the presence of the King.

          The day came and sweet Cinderella was on her way to meet the King. Dressed in a grand gown filled with excitement, Cinderella was ready.  Laura arrived at the security door for scanning. A member of the Marine Forces of Spain took Laura to the Ambassador. Laura’s new sweet friend smiled at her and motioned to get closer. With great reverence, Laura was introduced to the King. Laura ate, danced, and laughed all in the presence of the King. All the while, Laura’s new friend the Ambassador was there smiling and enjoying her happiness.  This was definitely Laura’s day and she took it all in with great joy and gratitude in her heart.

        Laura says God allowed her to have this experience because many years later in a place of great brokenness in her life she met The Ambassador, not from Spain, but from heaven. A sweet friend, sent by God, told her “Heaven is not impressed with our credentials the same way people of this world are easily impressed. We find ourselves outside, outcast and broken and it is here where the Ambassador comes – the Messiah who is the Ambassador of all. Right there in the place of brokenness, He smiles at us, talks to us and extends his hand...come my child follow me.”

         After hearing this story I am reminded that The Messiah, Jesus, is the one who invites us to the banquet of the King. Through Him alone do we become part of this heavenly celebration! He invites us to be part of this banquet and introduces us to the King who is His Father and ours if we accept His invitation. He marks us as His, and He usher us into the presence of the King.

          Are you part of the banquet with the King? If not, ask the Ambassador, Jesus who is waiting to extend His arm to you. Ask Him to put you inside His pocket and take you home!