Saturday, November 6, 2010

Africa Prays for America

On October 16, 2010 African Christians were in the Capitol for “Africa Prays for America” praying for revival for the United States. How exciting is that, I can only imagine how God will answer that prayer. I wonder if the American Christians understand what people the world over know that America’s destiny is to lead in greatness. America has a history of helping other nations in need and helping them rebuild. Now some of these nations are praying to the Almighty God on our Behalf. I don’t know about you but this humbles me. How many of us pray for other countries on a regular basis? How many of us pray for our own city, state, our country and our government? Someone asked the question “If your community depended on your faith for revival, would we see God’s power in action?” Just imagine if we really believed that our God answers prayer. What changes can be done in a day. I challenge those that read this to pray fervently to God for change to begin in you and then for our city, state, and country. All areas of our life should belong to God. Let’s pray for restoration to begin today.